Sunday, November 21, 2010

wtf have i been doing ?

really ? just trying to get my shit together ..i have a rotation of customers in my shop ..40 ford ,model A ,51 ford and a 60 f100 ..and then the other shit i have to do on a day to day bases's hard to do paper work ,bills ,work ,paint and keep up with all the media systems ,emails ,twitter ,facebook ,blogs ,and txt's ..i need another me ..

and on top of all this helping with the Bo Huff  fund raiser ..Huff a Rama ..getting artist and art work ,and swag together for the event to auction off .alot of work ..

so , these holidays are upon us ..i need to work real hard to get thru these slow times and wait for spring to blossom ..

i will have more soon


Monday, September 13, 2010

Pittsburgh PA ,Steel Town Shake Down ..2010

i just spent my Thursday thru Sunday traveling to Pittsburgh Pa and back . my Thursday morning was a typical one ..i get up groggy and shitty ,get coffee and rush to the airport to hurry up and wait . got my little flight to phoenix was a nothing flight .just waited for my Zyrtec to kick in .so i could breath . change flights in phoenix ...oh man that's when it starts ..i sit next to Gail and Amy .( 2 middle aged professionals from Pittsburgh .now living else where ..blond haired ,materialistic ,gossip reading wine drinking sisters , pretty much the cheerleaders from high school ) they 're laughing and giggling and have their inside jokes ..they talk and laugh the whole time . ordering me drinks and them drinks .. they ask what i do ? where i get tattooed ? am i single ? where am i from ? where am i going ? fucking the longest list of BS was a riot .we get off the plane exchange numbers for drinks sat ..

Gregg and Jen pick me up from the air port ...could not wait to catch me up on the Pittsburgh news . Anton and his girl have turned their house into a road side attraction . understandably ,so . he has every room full of stuffed and mounted animals ,gadgets ,steam punk items ,and hissing roaches ..pretty creepy .but ,nicely done ..i wish i had pic ..( hell i wish i could figure out how to load pics from my phone to this blog ) after the ride to the house and seeing the dogs and house and the hot rod and cars ..we go out to dinner .. nice night out . we went to south side ..wooo hooo .

Friday morning ,we get up ..go to breakfast then drop stuff of at the show area .then run down town ,north side for arm bands and run over for some great coffee ( btw ,the girl at the coffee shop was a BITCH ) ...then the real work starts .i striped Gregg's roadster ..he's had the car for years .it had a sbc 350/350 ..he re vamped it rebuilt 365 cid 1955 Cadillac motor . ( it was going to get 4 x 2's .i had an intake i was rebuilding and a couple carbs .but ,between my shop ,going out of town for work , the economy ,rent and shitty customers . i couldn't devote 40 hours to get the intake complete that's a whole other story ..basically i owe Gregg an intake and carbs )with lake headers ,four barrel ,Cad air cleaner and a Schneider cam . the car looks great . off green scallops and wheels with a satin black paint job .. i stripe the air cleaner ,cowl and deck lid ..matching the green and silver to the "t" ...nice ..we wait around a bit ,,, Jen ,gets home ..and we play full throttle darts from across the room . Gregg nails a bullseye ! .so we leave ..and off to Pops and Suez's ( Anton's parents ) for Friday night pizza ( family tradition for 20 plus yrs ) Pops and Suez's house is amazing .both are professional painters for god .they reconstruct and redo churches all over PA . so they have great paintings every where and they have great style . the house is amazing . we meet out in the garage ..the guys are outside smoking and drinking .we go out there and talk car for a bit ..and Antons truck " Trixie " ( whatever that means ) sits there one time it was a cool 51 dodge truck ( and if you know me know i love trucks )its second phase was , its the rat rods , rat rod ..but ,now its getting re vamped .. ( wisper the next part ,for scare factor ) to be  " the scariest truck a round " .....woooooooo........ i don't get it .but ,good ..i can just look and say ..ok .we go inside for dinner . PIZZA ! i have a couple gin and tonics and a couple slices ..then i get on urban dictionary ..hahaha ..i start looking up people's names ..Anton = most popular boy in school , Dave ( pops ) = coolest name ..what a Dave . the meaning of cool . Suez , Jen and Gregg's all kinda the same .. Rachel's , though ...oh man ..i read it out loud ..Rachel = whore ,slut ,hot bitch ..bla bla bla ..its sounded like something you would her in the bathroom at school was too funny ..i was telling her ..I'm not saying this ..I'm just reading it .. then we went home ...hahaha .sorry Rachel ...its still funny .

sat came >>>the big day ! the show day . i get up late ,set up late ,get started late .biggest show they've had .700 plus spectators and 200 plus cars . i striped a couple cars and sold some shirts ...thanks to ( sing this ) saaaraaaaahh ...( dime's wife . Sarah = nice ,Witty girl and ever boy wants to woo her ) saaaaaraaaah and Jen help with my merch . we ate veggies and talked shit all day .. Jim my Straub's guy ,was set up next to us .feeding us beers and hype all day ..good times . i signed stuff  and a couple people ,too . so ,they got my name tattooed on them ( that's rad ) phyco mike was slinging ink and doing it right there . the pin up contest came and went ( i didnt register ,my abs are gone ) but ,the prettiest girl there did win ..i made sure of that ..hahaha ..her boy was an ex whyotech student cool guy , lance .

lets talk about the cars i liked .. tom the torch's 28 truck ..i loved that truck from the get go ..looks very 50's high school ..and there was 56 olds with a 4 speed ..bitchin car .i love them Oldsmobile's ..48 ford truck , very nice and clean ..and a severally chopped 61 falcon . 60 pontiac , Gregg's matching cadi and cadi powered roadster many more ....

then we wrapped the day up with beers ,prizes and contest ..good time s ...then it started raining ..we were standing around the concession stand ..i kept smelling skunk ..( thinking someone was smoking out ,no big deal ) then i noticed ..what Rachel was really wearing ..she made a dressed like "Trixie ' the truck and was wear a skunk le pale ? i don't know if its cute or strange ..but Anton has some powers on this girl ..she L-O-V-E-S him ! i mention the skunk to her ..( btw ,i  cant smell anything unless its crammed up my nose ,from all the painting ,sinus infections and broken noses ) she giggles and says < really ? you can smell it ? uhm yea ! and its not sewed to my neck ...hahah ..i ask about the dress ..she confirms my thoughts ..its the dress form of "Trixie " the truck . then she says < i loved "Trixie " before Antone and now i love Anton ...hahaha.aaamazing ! she wants to get a car ,too . ( well your 21 ..growing up ,its hard to do know ) she wants a creepy ,villainous ride what ? i say , ..i tell her ,look Danzig drives an Audi and Antone La vae drove a 66 Toranado ..that shit aint scarry or creepy ...hahahaha .. that went on for minutes tell Antone started talking to her ... Jim ( the Straub's guy ) and i went out ..oh shit ..Jim is a ball of energy ! we went to north side for a johnny cash revival ..GAY as hell ! a bunch of hipsters and dorks wearing dress shorts and dress hats ? .. we drank straubs ,went to south side ,drank straubs ...3 different bars on the south side . pretty damn fun then went to a diner .i had the gyro omelet with out onions ..then i had them re make it with out onions again ..of course .then jim dropped me off at gregg and jenns ... crashed out soon as i stumbled in ..

Sunday ..i got up at 12 ..Jenn and Gregg were up and ready .we went back to south side for brunch , Piper's pub ..i had the potatoes pancakes ,with eggs,cheese ,bangers and sauce ..really good and 14 coffees ..then got a shirt . wrapped the day up with dropping me at the airport and now im on the plane typing this babbling bs and about my weekend in PA .. all in all time I've had in PITTSBURGh PA . amazing !

i really would like to spend a month in Pittsburgh Pa .and see the whole place .they have some of the most amazing bridges and artchitect ..the rolling hills and river sides . the downtown market area , antiques , history every where ,foods and people ..typical college jack asses of course ..but ,some fucking strange mother fuckers ..dudes wearing fur like a stuffed animals ..walking around on the street .. i could get an apt . for 400 bucks and just chill and have coffee .. and paint .

BTW ..i heard this , this weekend , too ...a local Pitt's girl , Dixie Comet ( just google images ,'ll figure it out ) has moved on and got a real good job ..i have to say good for her ..everyone has a talent ..and she's finally tapped into hers .

Thursday, September 9, 2010

bad business or ra-tarded business

bad business ?

about 11 years ago .a guy named Patrick bought a 51 chevy from a friend Jeff White . it was a 300 dollar car . Patrick being a so called car guy, wanted to put his motor out of his Nova in the Chevy . well ,he wanted to have the car customized . chop the top and change the tail lights problem ..i just moved into my new house ( big garage) he brings the car over . i make all the cuts and tack it up . Patrick comes and looks at the car ..he doesn't like it .he wants it chopped more in the rear problem ,i said . i just need some money for materials and some sheet metal .he stumbles and says ,uhm ok .but i gave you a grand .i said ,yes that's for labor . well ,i tack the car up and and wait for the next payment and or materials and metal ..i see Patrick out ,time after time ..him drunk as fuck ..he asks hows the car ..i say .good in the garage ..I'm still waiting on materials and or money . a couple months go by ..i go to California for a car show ..i get a job offer in LA and I'm moving ..i tell Patrick .lets get this car buttoned up ..or i can work on it when i come back and fourth ..still no payment or material . I'm living in LA ,now .rented my house out .and the car sits in the garage . my aunt and uncle rent my house out ..its been 2 years now uncle ends up dying ,my house is empty , and the car sits in the garage ..mean while ..i see Patrick ever ,now and then . and he asks hows the car ..i say the same thing every time .i need materials or cash .

.well ,my friend Jeff takes the car back in his possession ,Patrick never paid him ( figure that ) i end up finishing the chop at Jeff's and we dick around on the car at Jeff's ,every time I'm in town ..when while ,my skill level has improved 20 fold and I'm on a TV show and building 100,000 dollar cars .

so now its present day 10 fucking years later ..i see his drunk ass at a bar ..he calls me out on the car ..i say look ,the chop is done and you owe me for materials and time ..he gives me the story about , it was his fathers money and he wanted the car finished for the price i quoted him 10 yrs prior ..i said ,fine ..its at Jeff's have to discuss it with him . i call Jeff the next day . he said , he's called Patrick several times and told him to get the car and pay up ..that was a year ago .

i saw Patrick and Jeff this weekend .neither said anything .Patrick has the car back ..and i guess no complaints . good to know .. so ,i guess he's happy or he's ready to to talk more shit .i don't know ....and i don't care . 11 years in the making and he could of called or just paid me in the first place .. right ?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

fashion scence

its been a while since my last blog ..been on the road in ft worth tx ..

I've been at Murry Kustom Rods in ft Worth Tx . heath Murry is the shop owner .he has 3 man guys and a helper Enrico ( the idiot sevant ) we were trying to finish up the "country Gold " build ..a 53 merc we started in april of last year . great car and the owner is a great guy ,too .... back to the shop ..Murry's ! nice big shop . great for a 28 yr old chassis builder . murry has some good loooking cars going on in the shop ,too ..he seems to be a well balanced builder ..we have had talks about being the troy trepaino ..hahaha good luck , i said . but ,who knows .it could happened .the rite customers , quality and cars being pushed out the door .it could happen . he will have to kick back on the gnarly burn outs in front of the shop and the little black socks that he wears ( i find it hard to look into his eyes and take he hip hop apperal seriously when he talks hot rod ) ..and everything could fall into place ..

which really leads me to the questions in hand ..when where and why is are fashion so fucked up ? i love the show MadMen its the perfect era in time before nam and when men were mwn and women were women .a grey suit was simi causual wear .not a golf shirt . shorts were worn at the pool and on vaction ..and men would never wear short socks EVER ! i remember as kid dad wore an Ely button up and nice jeans and boots to work everyday . ( and he worked at the GM factory ) i swear YO mtv raps ruined are sence of style ..that shit coming on at 4pm . i never watched it ..but ,i know my friends were starting dress hip hop and skate WTF ? we were punk rock skaters its nwa and 40's .. no more FEAR and cheap beer .

me and my style ..or lack of ,i guess .i dressed and acted like a total jackass in the early 90's but ,i was a teenager . i had long hair ,baggy jeans ,shell tops and a golf shirt ( sounds ra tarded hu ? ) the day it all changed ..i was at a party and all my friends were doing blow ( if you know me .you know i hate drugs . like loose your house ,steal from your parents drugs ) the next day .i cut my hair off changed my way of dress and got into the rocka billy scene ( it was more my speed ,Americana , jeans ,boots and tight white shirts ) i have been the same since , 20 yrs + .. you'll see me in flip flops ..yea ,hell yea you will ..i wear boots all day .. (my feet need to breath ,stupid ) oh yea ,and some silly expensive glasses ( i just do that cause ,i can ..hahaha ) . but ,its my dads same ely shirts ,jeans and boots ever day and all day ..i build cars for a living and paint .so my clothes are fucked my noon ....paint ,metal and burn holes through out my etair . and thats how it should be .

no ,baggy shorts ,short socks and shirt that doubles as a dress dyed hair and a dirty hat with a bandana and gauged out ears ..thats sillyness . if it was 1963 and you walked into Smokey Yuniks shop and applied for a job ..he'd kick youout for being a homeless guy . or give you a sandwich ..hahaha .

all this fashoin sence has made me re-evaluate my style .no more silly glasses .and i will buy some classic suits .i need some dress boots and more upper class causal wear . if you demand respect .you have to look the part ,too .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I WOKE UP SUPER LATE ..i swear , the heat ,work and the 3 hot dogs i had yesterday ..didn't help at all ..let me clear up my Monday ..went to pick up some money in Hollywood ..drove over the hill ( that's a term for when you live in the shit hole valley ) to holly wood  .up and over laurel canyon . mind you ,i drive a 7.3 turbo diesel F250 ...its no drifter car .and cutting up and down the canyon is a bitch . i got the money headed back to the valley ( over the hill ) ..I'm on the valley side ..turning right on riverside .my clutch pedal sticks to the floor ..that sucks ! so , my slave cylinder is fucked ..i pull over .get a tow .... 60 bucks .. that's how my day was all fucking day Monday ....

anyways to the shop super late see a fed ex notice .i go next door . i get the box .i realize its  my Bell Helmet sample ..i tear it open ,right there ..the box and helmet look amazing . thanks again , Doug ,Casey ,Shannon Brooke , Cheery DF and Jen Corona .. the helmets will be the shelf next yr ...

i worked on the 40 ford til 2 ..fuck ,its so hot in the shop ..wearing .... welding jacket ,gloves and helmet ..damn really ! it hard to be safe , you know ? got the floor all fitting and ready to weld customer swings by for 30 min ..real cool guy  , ex SWAT team .we talk shit ..he loves the car .hell , he should ! he's owned 37 yrs ..its about time ,to step up to the plate .. new frame ,suspension ,flooring .2 small patch panels ..and now the big decision motor or sbc ..i say ls motor ...but ,we'll see .. planes are in play for the most killer photo shoot ....hmmmm..

went to kragen/o'rilly's  . wtf ever its called this week . picked my new slave cylinder wonder its broke .its plastic ..175,000 miles is good ,Honda would See that kind of abuse ..

and all fucking day ..i thought it was Wednesday ..

Monday, August 23, 2010

sunday is funday

i woke up hungover as a bitch ,from work  . welding ,grinding and cutting will fuck  you up ..more so than Jack in  your mouth and Mc Donald's in the can , my eyes are  swole and my hands cramped ..NEXT

coffee .

.get to the strbcks in sunland ..not a great spot ..but ,its my spot . i see my friend Anna ..we talk shit for an hour as i check my emails and sorts ...dunt dunt daaaa new friend Aimee comes in and stares .and leaves strange ..Anna and i continue to talk ,shit ..she tattoos and rides a bike ..but hates bikers and tattooed people ..hahaha ... perfect we hit it off ,well ...

all day ....i know i have a wig party ......

so , i hit the shop ..cut ,grind fit weld ,and repeat ..working on the 40 ford  ..super nice car ...

my friends come around 5 me a bit with the cars .push and pull and they split ..

i hit strbux .. my friends Jill and christoph ..yes , christoph couple ..they have a 69 chevy van for sale ..uhggg ..really ? like i need a new project ..and out of the blue i get a txt ex is txting a friend of mine . trying to pry her self back into my life ,what a crazy coc whore trips me out ..sometimes ..

ok ,im on my way to the wigparty ..i grab a bottle tu-kill-ya  ..and head out ..its Cara's b-day >>>yes again ( women have 3 b days the weekend before ,the b day and the weekend after ) i find parking ,its dwntwn LA  .go into the building go up to the door ..i hear the music and this dude  talking all loud ..i knock ,,and knock and knock ..the music goes down ..the girl is like ,umh who is it baby ..dude ,says ,i dont know , some tattooed white dude ..he jerks the door up ..cans i help you  ? umh is this Cara's partys ? uhmm do this look like a party ...I got the wrong floor >>>hahahaha ..dyslexia is a bitch ! showed up at the party wig . with a bottle of Jose' was all good .Cara was fruit eyed ..we ate and drank ..good times ..Ashley and Anthony are great peeps .. their friend mike on the other hand ,,not a cool guy . typical bullshit ..trying to hook up with the drunk girl ..and yea heard you talking shit about me ...and ?  6ft 2 i got alot of moves mo fo  what ?  hahaha ..that was funny hu ? really though . talk is cheap .im standing right there .anyways ..Cara passed out ..great video btw ..hahaha ..we all left and now im blogging ..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

first entry

look ..this is how it is ..i cant spell worth a shit ..could hardly read my whole life ..just faked it ..but , i'v been drawing since i was 4 .built a lamp out of spare parts ( when i was in KG ) i found in the garage ,,i guess .id rather be able to do all that, i can do. then be graded on an English term paper or a spelling B . so go to hell ..if you don't like my punctuations or spelling ..i don't go to your garage blog ..and say ..FUCK REALLY ? you tell people you can weld ..cause you cant .oh ,ps striping looks like shit ..just stop .

i'll have to thank my new friend Tayva and one of my good friends HVH for inspiring me enough to blog ..they're great people ...

so,you know ..i'll just be telling it like it is on here from TX you know the drill all you hippy jackasses ,and all you liberal ding bats living in half a million dollar house calling me names ..shut the hell up and read the truth from my mouth , to my finger tips and how i see it ..i'll be telling the truth about girls i've dated ,didn't date ,cars i built ,didn't built and people ,companies and other odd ball shit that happens to me everyday .

oh this is going to be good ..i can feel the power of the introweb running through my fingers ..theirs some BS that happens to me everyday .that i want to rant about or praise sweet bearded Jesus , here it goes ..